Infinitus booth at ISE 2019 imotion FLOW 46 custom e-charging station for electronic cars at ISE 2019 imotion FLOW 46 custom e-charging station for electronic cars at ISE 2019 imotion INK 32 bench with mobile wireless chirgers at ISE2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands - The show
The show confirmed, yet again, that it is the single most important yearly event in the world for digital signage and visual display technologies. Yet again it was record braking in terms of visitors as well as amount of the exhibitors, some of which are now also placed in tents in front of the main entrance. RAI arena got simply too small.

Infinitus was once again working together with our co-host, French based partner ViaDirect, who showcased their Meeting room solution ViaDirect Building, together with their standard portfolio of beautiful wayfinding and guidance content solutions. You can see more about them on their web site.

This year we have had the best representation of our capabilities up to date, and that is something considering that this is our 10th anniversary at ISE and that our priority status is 224 out of 998 companies there!

We were excited to show all of our product lines including imotion FLOW, imotion LITE, imotion INK and the greatest development of them all in the form of imotion G7 thermal management technology.

Infinitus big new development in HVAC thermal management
Our NEW imotion G7 digital sign was one of most interesting developments for visitors. It looks a bit like Transformer, due to its peculiar method of opening, which hides all entry points and makes it easy to open to skilled worker. The unit is great advancement from imotionG6, including it cooling capacity, its reliability and ease of repairs. This product line will replace G6 in following quarters and can operate in all global populated areas.

Showcasing our customization skills
One of our strongest advantages is a capacity to build custom signs and we brought very attractive electric car charger digital sign integration. We have developed it together with our partner company Spark Horizon, which is very interesting start- up working on its DOOH advertising business. These signs are unique to their use, so you will not find it in our standard offer. If interested in their story, please read more about them by following previous link.

Urban furniture and improved electronic paper imotion INK solution
As we are working to promote the idea of digital urban furniture, we have again combined imotion INK e-paper technology integrated in Bus info totem with attached public bench and wireless phone chargers. We are not the only ones thinking such solutions augment public areas as opposed to ruin it with sub-par aesthetics and quality. Furthermore imotionINK, outdoor e-paper solution is based on principle, which now allows advanced functionalities such as easier to use CMS and pre-set emergency content statuses with its local memory. Later functionality is what we consider a must for proper outdoor e-paper solutions.

Optimization of imotion FLOW and imotion LITE full and semi outdoor offer
We have optimized our production processes to improve partner pricings for both lines, but especially imotion LITE. This semi outdoor (no direct sun exposure) line is now simplified in terms of electronics but still improved in terms of quality built and much easier installations and maintenance. This change comes together with slimming the units down and making them appear more aesthetically pleasing.

It was a great show again and we are looking forward to be there again next year, the last year expo is hosted in Amsterdam. Even though some professionals prefer visiting the venue every other year in our opinion there are just too many cool technologies and people to see to miss it out. 

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