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Launching imotion G7 outdoor digital signs product line - the toughest extreme weather HVAC cooling system of them all
Digital signage as an industry has progressed heftily in past 10 years. Many integration and specialist supplier companies that were competing in the beginning are either doing pretty well, or in most cases ceased to exist. Basically, it’s as teenagers grew up and some of them that figured out their purpose and stayed, while others moved on to new opportunities. This is nothing unusual for new developing markets. After all, business models, partnerships and products need to become stronger and become optimized.

We at Infinitus are still here (sending you newsletters), alive and well, and pretty happy to bring to the market our NEW HVAC based technology, intended for toughest, hot and/or cold environments and clients interested in longer lasting warranties. Meet 7th generation imotion G7!

Intro - what we do, and how to start differentiate between outdoor digital sign
Our part of digital signage industry was always to enable communication in outdoor environment, by providing reliable, high quality products and the support. So, good case studies have started to pop-up, and our signs have proved they are capable of long-time operation in full and semi outdoor areas.

Sometimes clients get confused with main tech specs and put way too much attention (understandably) to LCD brightness and comp performance, as that makes a lot of sense with indoor signage. So, without venturing into more details such as general thermal management principle and diagnostics final decision can be far from beneficial to clients and users. The core of these technologies is THERMAL MANAGEMENT, and that is also an area where clients can find most of the differences between providers. This should help them to differentiate between often pretty vague tech information of outdoor LCD signs. This is especially true, because in many cases main components such as LCD panels and computers are same or similar. So, beside integrated electrical components and promised warranties the major issue integrators and clients should be interested in is a dynamic of thermal environment within the enclosure. Bare in mind, IP66 enclosure is tougher to cool down than IP56 for example, but both can be well used.

Back to the launch part – imotion G7 an IP66 / HVAC cooling monster
But let’s move back to the launch of our 7th generation HVAC based system called imotion G7. This system is big step forward from imotion G6 generation of signs. Its purpose is to cover worst of environments, give optimal visual performance in worst, while giving long lasting life time and warranty to the client. This compliments our imotion FLOW line, which is intended to be used in less extreme environments, such as what we experience in most of the Europe.

So, what can clients expect from the new system, beside regular free tech support by Infinitus tech team:
Improved performance:
  • Improved reliability and redundancy with 4 internal fans instead of 1
  • Decreased internal and external air resistance to allow for a higher thermal management efficiency
  • Decreased noise levels

Easier and less of maintenance:
  • Reduced HVAC weight allow for easier handling
  • Improved, more robust HVAC connector
  • Easily accessible gas valves, pressure sensors and electrical connections in HVAC unit
  • Easily accessible junction box and foundation screws that allow for quick and easy installation
  • Simplified opening system with only 2 screws and pneumatic side covers
  • Cosmetic masks are now part of the system and don’t have to be removed when opening

High quality components design:
  • Easily customizable and replaceable HVAC masks
  • Minimalistic design
  • Simplified upgrade to front glass design option
  • No visible screws, perforations, nameplates or hinges
  • HVAC not visible from standing height (when using default masks)

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