how we determine limits of imotion products
imotion G7 75 in environmental chamber testing different factors on imotion systems temperature controlled chamber imotion G7 at ISE2019

Ljubljana, Slovenia
At the world’s largest exhibition for AV ISE2019 we exhibited 7th generation HVAC based system called imotion G7. This system was main attraction of our booth. Not only because of its design, but especially because of its specifications. It can be deployed in toughest of the environments and still deliver best visual performance, highest operation reliability and longest useful life time on the market. The most frequently asked question was about imotion G7 operating temperature which is from - 40°C to + 55°C

These numbers are not taken from thin air. Through development we constantly test limits of our units. To get objective results we couldn’t just place our unit outside. This method has two problems: Slovenian climate is not extreme enough to test working limits of imotion G7 and environment could not be fully regulated.

Proper tests were done by using environmental test chamber where we could regulate all factors. The sun was simulated with 2kW/m2 reflector (Solar irradiance is 1kW/m2). With this method we ran an experiment and objectively determine the limits of operation. 

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