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imotion FLOW 46 inch Portrait Freestanding 2.0 imotion LITE 46 inch 2.0 upgraded version imotion FLOW custom solution for SPARK with integrated e-chargers imotion G7 75 inch Portrait Freestanding
Ljubljana, Slovenia – Its ISE time again and we are counting down to 5th of February!
As always, we want our friends and to come and visit us, for which first step is to register for free admission via following link, and using a code 707599. We will be there co-hosting with ViaDirect at hall 8, booth 8-C325!

And you really should visit. We at Infinitus will have bunch of new and/or improved things to show:
  • NOVELTIES: LAUNCH of our brand new imotion G7 HVAC based thermal management technology for outdoor digital signs AND refreshed imotion LITE product line for semi outdoor units, with well optimized pricing.

  • CUSTOMIZATION - SHOWCASE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SKILLS: showcasing DOOH display specifically developed for one of our partners with integrated e-car chargers.


imotion G7 75” portrait double sided with side touch screen | The big development
If we need to pick what is our most important development, in terms of technology, it’s us perfecting IP66 HVAC based technology. With beginning of year 2019, our partners and clients can order latest imotion G7 technology, changing name of product line to imotion G7. These systems, deployable truly in any global environment, are now even more reliable and easier to operate. Some of improvements are presented in the list below.

Maintenance friendliness:
  • Reduced HVAC weight allow for easier handling
  • Improved, more robust HVAC connector
  • Easily accessible gas valves, pressure sensors and electrical connections in HVAC unit
  • Easily accessible junction box and foundation screws that allow for quick and easy installation
  • Simplified opening system with only 2 screws and pneumatic side covers
  • Cosmetic masks are now part of the system and don’t have to be removed when opening

  • Improved reliability and redundancy with 4 internal fans instead of 1
  • Decreased internal and external air resistance to allow for a higher thermal management efficiency
  • Improved dust ingress protection
  • Decreased noise pollution

High quality components design:
  • Easily customizable and replaceable HVAC masks
  • Minimalistic design
  • Simplified upgrade to front glass design option
  • No visible screws, perforations, nameplates or hinges
  • HVAC not visible from standing height (when using default masks)

imotion LITE 46” Portrait freestanding | optimizing semi-outdoor offer
Forty-six-inch imotion LITE line sample is first 2.0 generation sign. We haven’t forgot about our semi-outdoor product line. As a result we have optimized both, technology and production processes, and managed to make prices more favorable, creating better and more rugged technology!

Outlining imotion LITE 2.0.
  • Optimized pricing
  • Easy to open and use
  • Improved filtering (IP 55 enclosure)
  • Very rugged – IK10 rated

imotion INK 32” Portrait wallmount |updating e-paper
Electronic paper is very interesting as a medium of choice for many outdoor public information options. We are showcasing improved version of imotion INK with superior CMS and better operation in outdoor environments and less of issues with low temperatures, traditionally a problem with e-paper. CMS however will make a lot of lives easier, with options such as “emergency status” when connection brakes or when battery gets low.

Our imotion INK module
  • Improved operation in colder regions
  • Simple to use CMS(fee based)
  • CMS many advanced functionalities including cache emergency status functionality

imotion FLOW 46” Portrait double sided | CUSTOM e charger solution
An attractive totem is using imotion FLOW thermal management technology and was made to be used exclusively by one of our partners, Sparkhorizon. Beside complete custom built casing, digital sign comes with USB chargers and two e-car chargers as main point of system! There is also integrated 230 V socket for e-scooter charging.

imotion FLOW 46” portrait wallmount and freestanding | RETAIL
Last but not least, you can see few units based on one of two most popular sizes 46” in freestanding and wall mount alternatives. Its 46” display is useful for promotion contents and is a sweet spot for touch screen usage. Signs can be used as interactive info points or simple digital posters. While wall-mounted unit will be of standard build and will be mounted on poles as a retail board, freestanding sign will have a front glass finish.

If you are still reading and arrived to the end of this list, make sure to come to the town between 5th and 8th of February and visit us in RAI arena, hall 8, booth 8-C325 (daytime only). We will be waiting for you with some good wine and other treats! 

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