Educational day in Spain lecture Warm welcome Crambo Spain

Madrid, Spain – Digital signage industry is still very young. Despite the fact that it’s in the rise for more than a decade, general public still doesn’t know exactly what digital signs really are. They are often misunderstood for simple LCD panels. Well the truth is much more complex.

Here in Infinitus we often say: “It's more than a regular TV in a box!”. The fact is that LCD panels are really not meant for outdoor use. Many things can go wrong. We are aware of this fact, so we want that we and our partners are properly prepared. Before first sale we want our partners to fully understand how imotion digital signs work. Only with educated system operators combined with our technical support imotion signs can be properly managed. This translates to less time spent at the location, longer life time of the units which leads to lower after-purchase activities and cost.

Our friends and partners from Crambo agree: “Knowledge is power!”. We must admit that it’s not common to experience such a warm welcome on a technical education day. Sharing our knowledge and exchanging ideas is what made a short trip to Madrid worthwhile

Siempre un placer amigoss! 

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