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imotion FLOW 75 integrated in bicycle pavilion in Oslo for communication with citizens imotion FLOW 75 integrated in bicycle pavilion in Oslo for communication with citizens imotion FLOW 75 integrated in bicycle pavilion in Oslo for communication with citizens imotion FLOW 75 integrated in bicycle pavilion in Oslo for communication with citizens
Digital signage is encompassing all of the world and NOW public outdoor signage can be found even in Saudi Arabia! Our recent study is about one of smaller Riyadh shopping malls, Al Thagher Plaza and their desire to better commercialize the venue. As a result, client placed 31 signs all around the area. Main targets are visitors at outdoor walking areas, parking and around restaurants.

Situation analysis
Newly developed Riyadh property of Al Thagher Plaza was constructed only recently. Management was presented witsh partnership opportunity to improve visitor experience and to better market their location. Shopping malls are very important part of Saudi lifestyle as many people spend their free time there along with their families.

The fact that it is new development allowed them to integrate well-designed and branded displays into the area. We think that end result looks pretty good as visible from images. From the perspective of environment toughness, this project presents one of the toughest areas possible to install sun exposed digital signs.

Actually, there were two main issues beside business model. One, pretty evident, a rough dessert environment and the other, of more aesthetic nature, a need for digital signs to complement beautiful architecture of this new property. Of course, displays themselves are not the purpose of installation! The biggest value is capacity to self-promote, sell advertising to stores and big advertisers. All that with getting a chance to create experience with pretty cool visuals one the screens.

Pixxells Media, our regional partner and developer of digital signage solutions presented to client their vision of integrated communication and sign designs. The idea was to develop total messaging concept, where client will not only generate more revenues, but also have chance to further build on its brand with the visualization potency of large sized high-quality LCD screens wisely placed at POI locations.

Outdoor units obviously had to have complete protection from direct sun, sand, sand storms and temperature fluctuations. That is why imotionG6 LCD and electronics thermal management technology was chosen to build around it. Indoor and semi outdoor displays have much easier time, but they still have to be protected from micro dust, that is always present.

Public display
Our regional representative has developed together with the client pleasing-to-the-eye designs, based on imotionG6 and imotionFLOW IOT units, with remote diagnostics. All together 31 displays were installed, with 8 of them being double sided totems. Smaller imotionG6 55” portrait double sided outdoor signs are intended to target people in bar and restaurant areas, while long range messaging units at the outdoor walking areas are imotionG6 75” portrait double sided. These special to Infinitus IP66 enclosed HVAC units are our top cooling technology and as such capable of working in outdoor spaces of Saudi Arabia!

Indoor and semi outdoor screens are imotionFLOW 70” in size and have integrated fine dust filters, making sure more all less all of the dust can enter in minimal amounts. All units were branded to fit the venue as good as possible. 

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